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Winter 2-2021


Chambers College of Business and Economics


Bureau of Business & Economic Research


Morgantown Industrial Park


The Morgantown Industrial Park (MIP) encompasses a wide area between the Monongahela River and Interstate-79, and currently houses approximately 20 companies. A new interchange on Interstate 79 at River Road (approximately mile marker 151) is expected to improve access to the industrial park in a substantial manner, allowing expanded access into the MIP and creating the opportunity to house a variety of new businesses from several sectors. In this study, we provide a brief look at the North Central West Virginia region’s economic and demographic characteristics as a means of assessing the area’s viability and attractiveness to potential businesses. Measures such as commuting patterns, workforce participation rates, industrial composition, Moreover, we provide a synopsis of the region’s current expectations for growth through 2025 and highlight the performance of several major sectors during the outlook period.

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