Submissions from 2015


Sox9 Inhibits -Trcp-Mediated Protein Degradation To Promote Nuclear Gli1 Expression And Cancer Stem Cell Properties, W. Deng, D. B. Vanderbilt, C.-C. Lin, K. H. Martin, K. M. Brundage, and J. M. Ruppert

Submissions from 2012


Src Binds Cortactin Through An Sh2 Domain Cystine-Mediated Linkage, J. V. Evans, A. G. Ammer, J. E. Jett, C. A. Bolcato, J. C. Breaux, K. H. Martin, M. V. Culp, P. M. Gannett, and S. A. Weed

Submissions from 2010


Oncogenic Src Requires A Wild-Type Counterpart To Regulate Invadopodia Maturation, L. C. Kelley, A. G. Ammer, K. E. Hayes, K. H. Martin, K. Machida, L. Jia, B. J. Mayer, and S. A. Weed