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Reed College of Media


Reed College of Media

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Dana Coester

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Lois Raimondo

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Karen Houppert

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John Temple


This professional project is a multimedia project focusing on three Syrian West Virginians living in three different Syrian communities in West Virginia. The project will be disseminated using a project website. It will include content curated by the project author (photo, audio and written stories, data visualizations, maps) and information selected by the participants themselves (photos/objects selected by the subjects as representations of home, timelines of important events outlined by the subjects). The content will add to the information available on different cultural communities in West Virginia in general, and on the Syrian West Virginian community in particular. It is hoped the project, through its portrayals of home life and the mundane, will help to dispel some of the fear and discrimination that Middle Eastern communities have increasingly been forced to confront in their daily lives. With this goal in mind, this project attempts to follow the model of civic or community journalism.