Inpatient Experiences with MyChart Bedside

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Background: As technology is increasingly being integrated into hospital-based care, it is important to assess patient experiences. The purpose of this project was to conduct an evaluation of inpatient experiences with MyChart Bedside. Materials and Methods: A convenience sample of patients (n = 88) were included in this study, who responded to a Webbased self-reported survey that was embedded within the MyChart Bedside application. Results: The majority of respondents (78%) reported that MyChart Bedside was easy to use. The respondents agreed that MyChart Bedside improved communication with their nurses (74%) and with their physicians (53%), as well as helped them understand their medications (90%) during their inpatient hospitalization. Conclusions: The study found that the majority of patients were satisfied with MyChart Bedside, and they reported that it helped them learn more about their medications, as well as communicate with their care team.