Enrolling Family Participants in a Statewide Implementation Trial of an Evidence- Based Treatment

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Background—Community-based research with families is subject to unique challenges in recruiting and enrolling participants, particularly when researchers do not have face-to-face contact with participants. Objectives—To identify strategies that overcome challenges associated with the recruitment and enrollment of family participants from community behavioral health settings into a research study. Methods—We used a case study design to describe lessons learned during the recruitment and enrollment phases of a large-scale study of the implementation of an evidence-based treatment (EBT) across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Lessons Learned—Key lessons identified include the early involvement of stakeholders, engaging clinicians in the research process, establishing a research–community relationship, and using a flexible, ongoing recruitment approach. Conclusions—In large-scale community-based research, engagement, recruitment, and enrollment strategies are particularly crucial. The strategies included in this paper are relevant to multiple disciplines involving community-based research.