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Oil on shaped lauan plywood

Dimensions (e.g. 40 x 60 inches)

41" x 48" x 4"


“I grew up in the reformed Presbyterian church in a denomination that valued ideological uniformity in its members and preached “total depravity”: the concept that every human element of a person is unholy. I consider much of my artistic work to be an unlearning of these extreme religious behaviors, and, by extension, a mental unraveling of greater socio-political constructions in America. If I tear away the constructions that build my personal identity, what is left behind? Can I track my loss of self through the consumer objects I use and the digital media I consume? And further, by sifting and gathering what other Americans clutter in the physical and digital world, can I reconstruct an artistic metaphor for all of us? Although these paintings navigate my own personal Cartesian-like split of objective self and constructed self, with my body as conduit, they ultimately spill into the American collective consciousness.”


Copyright 2020 Ineke Knudsen


Painting, Oil painting, painting on wood, shaped painting, Abstract, collage, horror, nostalgia, pop, pop-culture, internet, television