West Virginia History: An Open Access Reader


West Virginia History: An Open Access Reader


Download 1. A Frontier of Fear: Terrorism and Social Tension along Virginia’s Western Waters, 1742–1775 by B. Scott Crawford (1.1 MB)

Download 2. "I Have Now Made a Path to Virginia": Outacite Ostenaco and the Cherokee-Virginia Alliance in the French and Indian War by Douglas McClure Wood (2.3 MB)

Download 3. Blood and Boundaries: Virginia Backcountry Violence and the Origins of the Quebec Act, 1758-1775 by Matthew L. Rhoades (1.1 MB)

Download 4. Caught between Revolutions: Wheeling Germans in the Civil War Era by Ken Fones-Wolf (1.1 MB)

Download 5. The Slaveholders’ War: The Secession Crisis in Kanawha County, Western Virginia, 1860-1861 by Scott A. MacKenzie (1.7 MB)

Download 6. "This Bastard New Virginia": Slavery, West Virginia Exceptionalism, and the Secession Crisis by William A. Link (554 KB)

Download 7. The View from the Border: West Virginia Republicans and Women’s Rights in the Age of Emancipation by Allison Fredette (1.0 MB)

Download 8. Early Black Migration and the Post-emancipation Black Community in Cabell County,West Virginia, 1865-1871 by Cicero Fain (1.4 MB)

Download 9. Test Oaths, Belligerent Rights, and Confederate Money: Civil War Lawsuits Before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals by Kenneth R. Bailey (1.1 MB)

Download 10. "I Thought Things Would Be Different There": Lynching and the Black Community in Southern West Virginia, 1880–1933 by Tim Konhaus (1.0 MB)

Download 11. West Virginia Incorporated: Religion and the Railroad in the Timber Counties by Joseph Super (1.6 MB)

Download 12. Subcultures in Conflict in Polonia: Class, Religion, and Ethnic Tensions in the Formation of Wheeling’s Polish Community, 1895-1917 by W. Hal Gorby (1.4 MB)

Download 13. West Virginia Women in World War II: The Role of Gender, Class, and Race in Shaping Wartime Volunteer Efforts by Pamela Edwards (1.2 MB)

Download 14. Red-Baiting Senator Harley Kilgore in the Election of 1952: The Limits of McCarthyism during the Second Red Scare by James H. Smith (625 KB)

Download 15. Implementing Brown v. Board of Education in West Virginia: The Southern School News Reports by Sam F. Stack Jr (1.3 MB)

Download 16. From Textbooks to Tea Parties: An Appalachian Antecedent of Anti- Obama Rebellion by Carol Mason (6.0 MB)

Download 17. “We Were an Oddity”: A Look at the Back-to- the-Land Movement in Appalachia by Jinny A. Turman-Deal (1.4 MB)

Download 18. To Dance with the Devil: The Social Impact of Mountaintop Removal Surface Coal Mining by Shirley Stewart Burns (993 KB)

Download 19. John F. Kennedy Plays the “Religious Card”: Another Look at the 1960 West Virginia Primary by David A. Corbin (1.3 MB)

Download 20. Mountaineers Becoming Free: Emancipation and Statehood by Michael E. Woods (6.1 MB)


Kevin Barksdale (Marshall University) and Ken Fones-Wolf (West Virginia University) assembled this collection of essays, mostly from the journal they edit, West Virginia History, to serve as a reader for courses on the Mountain State’s history. In selecting essays, they emphasized pieces that addressed themes from differing perspectives. For example, the first two essays examine the eighteenth-century frontier and Indian-white relations, one from the perspective of Europeans seeking to destroy Native Americans and the other from the vantage of the Cherokee hoping for some security. Among the other topics highlighted in these essays are: the coming of the Civil War, the efforts of women and blacks to negotiate citizenship during Reconstruction, the struggles of immigrants and African Americans during industrialization, the impact of the Cold War, and episodes that might be grouped as part of the culture wars. As such, they offer multiple opportunities for students to compare and contrast the experiences of varying groups of West Virginians throughout the state’s history.

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West Virginia History: An Open Access Reader