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The exposed rocks and those that underlie the surface of West Virginia record approximately 300M years of Earth history. This may sound like a very long period of time, but in reality, it only represents about 7% of the total age of Eai1h. Before we undertake a discussion of the geologic history of West Virginia, there are some basic topics we should review in order to fully appreciate what will follow. To that end, the following topics will be discussed: 1) The Origin of Earth, 2) The Response of Rocks to Stress, 3) Some Basic Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks, 4) The Subdivision of Geologic Time, 5) Geologic Maps, 6) Physiographic Provinces, 7) The Road to Plate Tectonics, 8) Plate Tectonics, the Final Solution, and 9) The Vv'ilson Cycle.