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se of the Study Superintendents of schools in West Virginia and throughout the nation have been the subject of many research studies within the last ten years. Of particular interest to researchers has been the average term in office of school superintendents everywhere in the country. Average employment for a superintendent in an urban district usually has been less than two years. In the majority of rural areas a superintendent has averaged as many as four years.^ The reasons given for these short term expectancies in office have varied, but the most frequently mentioned reason listed in the literature has been the failure of a superintendent to communicate with his respective board of education members. Work done by researchers in the early 1960's led Charles Fowler to believe that-the short term in office of superintendents had come about generally because the districts that hired them were constantly looking for change that could improve the present system.2 Sometimes a superintendent was hired who could bring radical changes to a district that had had relative stability for a number of years. Sometimes districts that had experienced change for a number of years began again to look for stability in the form of a new superintendent.