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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM) Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics presents a vision of what necessary components should be included in teaching mathematics to support the reforms presented in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards . The six Professional Standards offer insight, guidance, and vignettes explaining how a mathematics teacher at the K–12 levels can and should guide their students in the attainment of mathematical power. The Holmes Group, a consortium of Deans from Colleges of Education within large research universities in the United States, has as its primary goal to reform teacher education programs as well as to professionalize teaching. The evolution of the Professional Development School (PDS) began prior to the first report by the Holmes Group in 1986, Tomorrow's Teachers . The Holmes Group's vision of what a PDS encompasses includes development of novice professionals, continued development of experienced professionals, and the research and development of the teaching profession. This study researched how well the mathematics teachers within six secondary PDSs demonstrate the NCTM Professional Standards as they teach and the extent of their professional development activities. The research questions that guided the collection of data are: (1) What is the effect of teaching in a PDS on professional activities in WVCTM and NCTM? (2) Has involvement in a PDS led mathematics teachers to a teaching style that reflects the NCTM Professional Standards? (3) Are the teaching styles of teachers who have been in PDSs longer more likely to reflect the NCTM Professional Standards than those teachers in the newer PDSs? Phase one of the study consisted of a questionnaire designed to ascertain the experienced teacher's involvement in professional development activities, and phase two consisted of classroom observations. An observation form developed by Dr. Jerry Stonewater of Miami University of Ohio was utilized. Based on the results of this study, it does not appear that this particular Holmes Group university is influencing the professional development of secondary mathematics teachers. The professional development workshops offered for PDS teachers encompassed broad topics and did not address mathematics pedagogy or the NCTM Professional Standards.