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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Applied and Environmental Biology

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Joseph Morton.


Effects of iron on production of glomalin, an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal glycoprotein, were examined. In a preliminary experiment comparing available (FeEDDHA) and unavailable iron (hematite), low amounts of glomalin were produced with the former while the latter total inhibited the symbiosis. Part of the effect of hematite was reduced spore germination. A glycoprotein cross-reacting with a monoclonal antibody against glomalin was produced in nonmycorrhizal pots. This molecule is similar to glomalin, but has some unique characteristics. Concentration increases when C3 and C4 grasses are stressed from low nutrients and/or light but levels are at least 10-fold less than glomalin. Two chelated iron sources, FeEDDHA and FeEDTA, at three concentrations resulted in glomalin accumulation at least 75% lower than normal resulting from environmental limitations. Glomalin concentration was independent of fungal biomass and iron source. To better test this interaction in the future, more optimum environmental conditions for plant growth are needed.