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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Animal and Nutritional Sciences

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W. H. Hoover.


Fermenten is a commercially available by-product of lysine production recommended by the manufacturer (Biovance Technologies Inc., Omaha, NE) as a protein source for growing heifers and lactating cows. It has not been used in the diets of dry cows within 4 weeks of parturition. Three groups of 10 cows each, balanced for breed (Ayrshire and Holstein) and parity, were assigned to diets containing 0, 0.73 and 1.45 kg Fermenten dry matter/day. The diets were fed from 4 weeks prior to expected calving through 6 weeks of lactation. Dry matter intake of all diets decreased prior to calving, with the treatments significantly (P < 0.05) lower than the control diet. Decline in intake between wk 2 and wk 1 prepartum was 3.6%, 20.4% and 15.8% for the control, low and high Fermenten diets, respectively. Postpartum nutrient intakes increased for all diets with treatments significantly (P < 0.05) lower than the control at week one and marginally lower (P < 0.10) for weeks 2 through 6. Intake of NDF was below 1% of body weight up to 4 weeks postpartum for all groups. Milk yield was significantly (P < 0.05) depressed by Fermenten (6.50 and 5.95 kg/d for low and high levels, respectively). Milk fat and protein percentages were not affected by diets. Body weight and body condition score at calving were significantly decreased by Fermenten (P < 0.05). Fermenten contains anionic salts, and was found to reduce urine pH. Cows fed Fermenten had a higher incidence of metabolic disorders. Based on these results, Fermenten is not recommended in the diets of close-up dry cows.