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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Mridul Gautam.


This study was initiated to assist the WV Diesel Equipment Commission in its promulgation of initial rules, requirements, and standards governing the operation of diesel-powered equipment in underground coal mines. Four different engines and various exhaust after treatment devices that represent current levels of in-use technology were selected for performance evaluation. Both eddy-current and water-brake dynamometers were used to load the engines according to an ISO 8-Mode test cycle. Experimental emissions data, sampled from a full-flow dilution tunnel, suggests that particulate traps can reduce the mass emission rates of particulate matter (DPM) by nearly 90%, while reductions in fuel sulfur content (0.04% compared to 0.37% by mass) can reduce DPM mass emissions by as much as 22%. The study concluded that the singular usage of catalytic converters is not recommended for the confined spaces of a mining environment, due to their tendency to enhance particulate matter sulfate production and possibly increase overall exhaust toxicity.