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Reed College of Media

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Julia Fraustino

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Jasper Fessmann

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Jasper Fessmann

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Geah Pressgrove

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Dan Totskay


The Erickson Alumni Center is an event center, conference space, and wedding venue in Morgantown, West Virginia, near West Virginia University’s Evansdale Campus. Home to the nonprofit WVU Alumni Association, the Erickson facility operates under the unit of WVU’s Strategic Initiatives as an accessible, upscale event venue and conference center. Facing the opportunity of an exceptionally profitable wedding season through early 2024, wedding venues like the Erickson must be prepared to activate intentional, research-driven strategies and implement a solicitous marketing and communication plan to attract, capture, and engage leads. Without any dedicated staff to create strategy, develop content, and maintain brand awareness for the Erickson and its events, the venue is not adequately positioned to take advantage of this wedding boom and its potential for increased revenue and amplified exposure. Grounded in academic and market research, as well as onsite observation and collaboration with the Erickson team, this project provides a consulting report aimed at solving short- and long-term challenges for advertising and selling weddings in a competitive market.

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Available for download on Monday, December 09, 2024