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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Samir N. Shoukry.


A review of literature on dowel jointed concrete pavement response reveals that the effect of uniform temperature changes was neglected based on the assumption that concrete slabs can contract freely. The triaxial state of stresses that develop at the dowel concrete interfaces due to the application of mechanical and thermal loads has not been previously characterized. In this study a detailed Three-Dimensional Finite Element (3D FE) model was used to investigate the state of contact stresses, mid slab stresses, and load transfer efficiency that develop in dowel jointed concrete pavements under the influence of combined impact and thermal loads. The model features extremely fine mesh and interface simulation that reveals the development of a triaxial state of stress at the dowel-concrete interfaces. A comprehensive study plan consisting of different slab lengths, different magnitudes of temperature gradients, and different values of uniform temperature drops was devised. The study plan was implemented through numerous runs of the 3D FE model and resulted in a plethora of data on dowel jointed concrete slab response. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).