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Reed College of Media


For the latter half of the last decade the new phenomenon known as the Internet has taken over media and journalism in many ways. It has changed the way that news and information is delivered to the public. It has made people also perceive the media in a new way. The public now, more than ever, demands information fast and accurately.;That is why it is critical that students of journalism today learn about this new tool which they can use to their advantage. In order to address this need within the P. I. Reed School of Journalism a new course was taught in HTML and web design, Journalism 191-K Intro to HTML and Web Design. The class was taught using the Behavioral-Engineering model. This model subverts feelings of anxiety over computer related material, by introducing it in a slow methodical manner. Handouts and computer time where used as a main source to implement the model. Students were evaluated in various manners including tests assignments and a final project. The research done prior to the class itself was to determine two main factors, what constitutes a well designed web-site, and what is the best way to teach students. This was done through researching various articles in a literature review. Through the research, I found that web design is a class that can be taught easily and successfully in the manor mentioned above. Also discovered, was that students respond favorably to the aspect of new technology and have no problem tackling new territory or subject matter.