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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Kenneth H. Means.


Natural gas is being used as an alternative fuel to gasoline. Natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations, however, are not able to guarantee a 100% full fill to NGV's. A system was designed and built to better understand the characteristics of CNG during the fill process. Useful characteristics of CNG during the fill process are temperature, pressure, and flow rate, as well as, total volume dispensed. CNG is dispensed to an NGV through a process known as the fast fill process, since it is completed in less than five minutes. The system that was built is transportable, which means that it can be used for testing at any NGV refueling station. The information that the transportable test rig provides can be used to acquire information about the fast fill process, which can be used by NGV station manufacturers to design a system that can, possibly, guarantee a 100% NGV fill level.