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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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W. Scott Wayne.


There are two studies reported in this document. The first study tested a General Electric C39-8 (Norfolk Southern Engine Number 8678) locomotive and a General Electric D8-40C (Norfolk Southern Engine Number 8692) locomotive, which were equipped with General Electric Model 7FDL16L6 diesel engines with mechanically controlled fuel injection. The objective of this study was to determine if a mechanically fuel injected diesel locomotive engine could be made to meet the EPA Tier 0 emissions limits without a substantial loss in fuel economy by retarding the injection timing and installing a more efficient turbocharger. The first locomotive was equipped with a Turbo and Compressor Maintenance LLC. Inc., or TCM, turbocharger that raised the boost pressure to offset the loss in the fuel economy. The second was equipped with a stock General Electric turbocharger. The fuel injection timing of locomotive 8678 was retarded from the stock timing of 12°BTDC to 11°, 9°, and 8°BTDC, and emissions were measured in each configuration. Locomotive 8692 was only tested at 8°BTDC. The results from this study showed that there can be adjustments to the fuel injection timing without a dramatic change in the fuel economy. However, among the settings that were tested, only the 8°BTDC passed all emission requirements.;The objective of the second study was to determine if remanufactured turbochargers and used cylinder liners were able to meet current EPA standards. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).