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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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P. V. Vijay

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Hota GangaRao.


The objective of this research is to verify/modify/develop standardized test methods for evaluating mechanical properties of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bars by conducting limited complementary tests to determine/verify their mechanical properties. Both short and long-term tests were conducted as a part of this research. Short-term tests included tension, flexure, shear and bond property evaluations. Long-term tests included evaluation of moisture absorption and flexural tests on aged bars. A total of 229 FRP bars with different fibers (carbon, glass and aramid), varying diameters (# 3 to #8) and surface textures (ribbed, sand-coated, and sand-coated with helical wraps) were tested under this research.;Tension tests were conducted using grips made of split schedule 80 steel pipes that were bonded to the bars using a commercially available resin. Grip lengths based on diameter of FRP bars were established to be varying from 8&inches; to 13.3&inches; for #3 to #8 bars, respectively. Average tensile strengths of FRP bars were found to be 256 ksi (ribbed carbon ), 83 to 77 ksi (ribbed glass), 82 to 67 ksi ( sand coated glass), and 173 ksi (sand coated aramid). (Abstract shortened by UMI.).