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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

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Khashayar Aminian.


Absolute Open Flow Potential (AOFP) is often the only productivity information available from low permeability gas formations particularly in the Appalachian Basin. Absolute Open Flow Potential (AOFP) is commonly evaluated through a single point test due to its cost effectiveness. In low permeability reservoirs, the time required for obtaining stabilized flow rate is often very long. Therefore, stabilized AOFP may not be achieved in short tests. Furthermore, most low permeability gas wells are hydraulically fractured to improve their productivity. Therefore, the post-fracture measured AOFP could be significantly influenced by fracture properties.;The objective of this was to develop a methodology to estimate formation properties from AOFP. Conventional methods for pressure transient analysis or deliverability testing analysis cannot be used since they require multiple pressure and rate data. To achieve the objective, the impact of formation properties on AOFP was studied. Several different solutions were considered to determine the relationship among AOFP, permeability, and skin factor. They included pseudo-steady state radial flow, transient radial flow, and bi-linear flow. The non-Darcy flow effects were also included in all these cases. The results of this study are summarized by a series of correlations for estimation of formation properties particularly the permeability from the AOFP.