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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan.


A previous study used GPR to scan logs and the scanned data was processed and analyzed using RADAN software. This data processing using RADAN software needs an expert and is time consuming. Also, the output from RADAN software cannot be used to generate manufacturing process instructions since it will be in the form of an image. For online implementation of GPR scanning, a quick automated defect detection system with numerical output is required.;To incorporate automated defect detection system, a MATLAB algorithm has been developed. Validation of the MATLAB algorithm output has been done by comparing with the results of RADAN software. The results from the MATLAB algorithm are in agreement with the results of RADAN software. This algorithm also converts the location of the defect found in the GPR scanned data into X-Y coordinates in meters.;Developed Algorithm can process data to view only internal defects or both internal and surface defects. Noise reduction has been done by removing the bottom reflection of the log and edge effects. Automatic threshold calculation has detected all the major defects in the logs. The depth and length resolution of defect detection are comparable to RADAN software. Conversion of defect location into Y coordinates can be done either using dielectric constant value if known or by detecting the bottom of the log in the scan. Reflections in the scan have been removed by a trial code.