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Accurate shade matching of indirect restorations as well as accurate communication of that information to the laboratory technician is one of the most challenging tasks in the dental office. The objective of this study was to compare the color accuracy of commercial digital cameras used in the dental office with cellular phone cameras. Twenty four color patches and 4 shade tabs on a new Vita classic shade guide (A2, B2, C2, and D2) were photographed 3 times with 4 different cameras: The Canon EOS 30D, the Nikon D700, the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. For the light source, a light box with a D-65 desktop lamp was fixed on and optical table providing an optical set up of 0°observation and 45° illumination to the object. The digital images were loaded to a personal computer and color values (RGB) for each image were calculated using the software program Adobe Photoshop. RGB values of the shade tabs were converted to CIE LAB value using Lindbloom color converter software. A total of 288 RGB values for the color patches and 48 CIE LAB values for the shade tabs were obtained. The color difference value (DeltaE) between the digital images and the manufacturer value was calculated. The DeltaE values were analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Tukey HDS test. For both the color patches and the shade tabs, the canon way EOS 30D demonstrated the lowest DeltaE value. Regarding the 24 color patches, The Tukey HDS test shows that the Nikon D700, the Canon EOS 30D and the Galaxy S3 cameras were not significantly different, meanwhile the iPhone 5 camera was significantly different to the other 3 cameras. However, for the digital image of shade tabs, The Tukey HSD test demonstrated that all cameras were significantly different to one another. Within the limitation of this study, the iPhone 5 was the least accurate in reproducing color of color patches as well as shade tabs, while the canon EOS 30D was the most accurate at reproducing shade tabs.