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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Mario Perhinschi.


This thesis presents the development of a simulation environment for the design and analysis of a tricycle landing gear at normal and abnormal conditions. The model is developed using superposition of the elastic and damping effects of each landing strut. The landing model is interfaced with an existing flight model based upon a tricycle landing gear system business jet aircraft within a Matlab/SimulinkRTM simulation environment. The aircraft model is capable to portray several classes of landing failures, such as component degradation and jamming. The goals of this effort are oriented at creating tools for the design and analysis of fault tolerant control laws, landing gear development, and failure simulation in an academic setting. Formulation of the landing gear model at both normal and abnormal conditions is presented with detailed vector notation. Adjustments to alter the theoretical model to accurately portray real world limitations are also covered. Flowcharts of the GUIs used in implementing the failure simulator are included and discussed. The SimulinkRTM program used to model the landing gear system at normal and abnormal conditions is described. Representative simulation results for each failure are included. The capability of simulating landing gear failures is shown to be plausible for the simulator. The adequate performance of the simulator is demonstrated and assessed qualitatively since experimental data was not available. This model serves as a starting point and general framework for the development of more accurate landing gear models for specific types of aircraft.