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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

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Kashy Aminian.


The purpose of this thesis was to analyze the production potential of Marcellus shale using actual field data. By using real field production data for 9 vertical and 3 horizontal wells it was possible to predict and understand the cause and effect relationship between the specific reservoir parameters and the overall production outlook of the reservoir in the long run. Using an assumed base model and narrowing each parameter down to match historically to the actual field data the forecast of the reservoir behavior was attained. The main model relied upon in this thesis was the Dual Porosity Model, which was used to analyze the real field production data using Eclipse. In addition to history matching, another goal of this thesis was to understand the effect of each parameter on the production curve so as to further the predictability of these variables. Over five hundred runs have been performed to establish the history matching in order to document the specific effect of each parameter on the production data using Eclipse. The recorded history match results for each well can permit the prediction of the future forecast for the reservoir. Lastly, based on the final parameters that were used to historically match the real field data, two models were created and run to differentiate the reserves and recovery factor for both vertical and horizontal wells.