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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Wood Science and Technology

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Jingxin Wang.


An optimal tree-stem bucking system was developed for central Appalachian hardwood species using 3D modeling techniques. ActiveX Data Objects were implemented via MS Visual C++/OpenGL to manipulate tree data which were supported by a backend relational data model with five data tables for stems, grades and prices, logs, defects and stem shapes. Network analysis was employed to achieve the optimal bucking solution with four different alternative stage intervals under bucking by value principle. Once all the data associated with a tree were retrieved, a 3-D tree stem could be displayed for either optimal or manual bucking based on the user's option. Doyle and International 1/8" log rules were used to compute the log volumes during the bucking processes. Compared to manual bucking, total log value and volume gain from each tree-stem by using this computer bucking system could be increased averagely by 31.39% to 37.69% and 16.03% to 16.60%. Also, by computer optimal bucking, tree-stem utilization rate was increased by 10.11% to 11.23% compared to manual bucking results. The system execution time increased by 13, 108, and 1702 times while bucking stage interval changed from 4-foot, to 1-foot, 4-inch, and 1-inch. The optimal bucking system developed can be used as a training tool on desktop PCs and can also be installed on field PCs to aid field buckers.