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David G. McCrory.


Most federal, state, and local agencies use information derived from traffic crash reports for decision-making purposes. The accuracy and timeliness of this data is vital to safety program managers and traffic engineers. The purpose of this study was to assess improvements in the crash data process and examine the impact of the research assessment model developed by the West Virginia University Project Research Team on the West Virginia Uniform Traffic Crash Report.;A three-year research study funded by the West Virginia Division of Highways was conducted statewide with law enforcement agencies at all levels. Four hundred fifty-three officers participated in the study. Data were collected from law enforcement agencies through the use of focus groups, a telephone survey, a mock crash demonstration, pilot testing and follow-up surveys. The study presented two study questions.;A telephone survey was developed by the WVU Department of Safety and Environmental Management (SEM) and an administered by the WVU Survey Research Center to assess problem areas with the current crash form and suggest areas for improvement. Data were also collected sixty days after full implementation of the crash form in three sites around the state. Finally a quality control survey was initiated to ensure that no remaining deficiencies existed.;Results suggested that the improvements by enforcement personnel and implemented by the study group at WVU would yield improvements in data quality, namely accuracy, and timeliness of data submission.