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College of Education and Human Services


Learning Sciences and Human Development

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John G. Wells.


Increasing numbers of professional counseling educators recognize the importance of information technology in counselor education, but the majority of members in the counseling community still lack interest in using computer tools for their professional development. How to motivate them to acquire these necessary skills is a problem in counselor education. This study provided a motivating web-based instructional (WBI) design for a web-enhanced course and examined counseling students' motivation to use computer tools in the course. It focused on four research questions that examined (1) how students' use of computers changed; (2) the impact of web-based instructional (WBI) features on their motivation to learn; (3) the relationship between their motivation to learn and learning experiences; and (4) indicators of their adoption of computer tools.;The results of this study showed that students were motivated to learn in this web-enhanced environment. Most students increased their use of computer tools, became more confident using computer tools, and had more positive attitudes regarding the use of computers. WBI features that consider learners' needs and learning outcomes can motivate students to learn to use computer tools. This study concluded that motivation to learn computer skills is a complicated matter which is related to several variables, including improved computer skills, web performance, emotion regarding computer use, and learning satisfaction. Students were more likely to continue to use computer tools in the future if they had positive experiences using computer tools. All indicators of adoption supported the belief that students were likely to adopt computer tools in the future.;This study implies that students will improve their computer skills and become motivated to continue to use computer tools in the future, if they are exposed to a learning environment similar to that in Coun 620. Students will be motivated to learn to use computer tools if they have access to a course web site that includes active hyperlinks, an organized structure, intuitive navigation, and the integration of computer tools that includes at least instructors and instructional designers is required to design a course that features a motivating WBI design. Further studies should seek to understand how counseling students can be convinced to become competent computer users through the use of a WBI environment.