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College of Education and Human Services


Learning Sciences and Human Development

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George R. Maughan.


This research described the wireless network technologies that are available for use in higher education, determined the categories of metrics used to evaluate wireless network efficacy, and yielded a self-assessment instrument for guiding small college administrators considering wireless local area network systems.;The features and benefits of contemporary wireless systems in higher education were identified through a review of the professional journals, government publications, and standards industry documentation. The literature identified three categories of metrics beneficial for the evaluation of efficacy of wireless campus local area networks: cost, speed, and reliability. After identification of these categories of metrics, a modified Delphi technique was administered to ten wireless network experts in higher education. The expert group was made up of seven higher education wireless decision makers and three wireless industry professionals.;The wireless experts responded to Instrument One which identified 27 metrics in the three categories of metrics. The experts generated 19 essential metrics: four in the category of cost, seven in the category of speed, and eight in the category of reliability. Eight supplemental metrics were also identified in Instrument One: four in the category of cost, two in the category of speed, and two in the category of reliability.;Instrument Two generated 27 questions that could guide wireless decision makers in higher education. These metrics offer a timeless guide to wireless system planning on small college campuses. The self-assessment instrument will assist in gathering information specific to the small college environment, and in gathering current specifications for wireless network systems. The analysis of information gained from the use of this tool will help wireless campus networks to operate as an integrated part of teaching and learning.