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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Patricia Obenauf.


This research investigated the possibility of a relationship existing between principals' leadership frame(s) and school climate in public elementary or middle school level NCLBBRS located in the Appalachian Region States. The population included principals and teachers from all 245 NCLBBRS between 2003--2006 in Appalachia who were invited to participate. The sample consisted of principals and teachers from 35 schools. Each state had at least one NCLBBRS represented.;Three questionnaires, the Bolman and Deal Leadership Orientations (Self), (B&DS), for principals, the Bolman and Deal Leadership Orientations (Other) questionnaire, (B&DO), for teachers, and the Charles F. Kettering Ltd. School Climate Profile, (CFKLSCP), for principals and teachers were used. The CFKLSCP instrument items were rated twice to obtain "What Is" and "What Should Be" scores. The Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation was used to determine the correlation between frame mean scores, B&DS and B&DO, and the two sets of climate mean scores, CFKLSCP. Presentation of data also included frequency distributions with graphical illustrations of frame scores. Components of school climate were also reported.;In addition, both principals and teachers completed demographic surveys, PDS and TDS, respectively to determine whether demographic variables affected results. Graphical illustrations for both the PDS and the TDS consisted of plots of demographic components against frequency.