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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

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David Smaldone.


West Virginia is a state full of a variety of environmental education (EE) programs---both formal and nonformal. However, in order to be effective, educators must have the most updated and user friendly resources readily accessible through various supporting organizations or agencies. The WVEEA is a new state-wide group dedicated to improving EE programs, and supporting EE through its members.;The ultimate goal of EE programs is to improve environmental literacy and foster environmentally responsible behavior. Environmental literacy gives people the awareness, knowledge, ability, motivation, commitment and skill to work with others to resolve environmental problems and prevent new ones. EE activities can also improve communication, group processes, and problem-solving skills to help prepare a society-ready youth.;This present study examined the needs of environmental educators in West Virginia---defined as those individuals associated with the WVEEA. The purpose of this study is to identify those individuals and organizations that provide EE in West Virginia and gather specific information about EE providers in WV (types of programs provided, audiences, etc). In addition, the educators were asked about barriers and needs, in order to enhance their programs for the future and to aid in their professional development.;In August and September 2008, surveys were mailed to all the contacts in the WVEEA's database and every West Virginia extension agent. These contacts were asked to fill out the surveys and mail them back. The survey included questions that addressed program descriptions, demographics, resource and professional development needs and program barriers.