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College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Physical Education Teacher Education

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Andrew Hawkins.


The purpose of this study was to determine the essential history, philosophy, and sociology of sport competencies to be used to inform the physical education teacher education undergraduate curriculum. A two-round modified Delphi procedure involved the repeated circulation of a questionnaire to a panel of content experts. The study sample included specialists in history of sport, philosophy of sport, and sociology of sport, experts in the field of physical education teacher education, and school-based physical education practitioners. The Delphi panel members rated each questionnaire item in terms of its theoretical importance and pedagogical relevance using a five-point Likert scale. The data collected during the second round of the questionnaire were used to provide a final measure of group consensus regarding the strength of each history, philosophy, and sociology of sport competency. Five Delphi panel members, one from each of the three subject matter areas, one physical education teacher educator, and one K-12 physical education teacher were also asked to complete a subsequent telephone interview concerning their recommendations regarding the most effective delivery method of history, philosophy, and sociology of sport to prospective physical education teachers. The results from this research study, which includes a final list of recommended history, philosophy, and sociology of sport competencies and suggested methods of delivery, provide a conceptual framework upon which physical education teacher educators can make future curricular decisions in the areas of history, philosophy, and sociology of sport.