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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Wafik H. Iskander.


An important problem facing manufacturers in today's competitive market is the determination of the selling price of a product and its warranty period. A longer warranty may serve as a signal of product reliability; however, it may also lead to an increase in cost and hence reduce the profit if the product reliability is low. A burn-in test may be used to improve the reliability of products prior to their shipment.;This research presented integrated models for maximizing the expected profit for products that are subjected to a burn-in test and sold with warranty. The burn-in time, warranty period, and price were chosen as three decision variables in these models. The price and warranty period were treated as marketing variables and a simple multiplicative form was used to model their effect on sales. Solution procedures were developed for several warranty policies. These procedures are applicable for any failure time distribution. Three failure time distributions were further investigated and formulas for optimal solutions were derived. Finally, two sets of data were used to illustrate the application of the models. Two computer programs were developed to solve the models both parametrically and nonparametically.