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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mining Engineering

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Keith A. Heasley.


In this thesis, the need for an efficient and easy to use program which calculates a Coal Mine Roof Rating (CMRR) over a spatial area is established. In response to this need, a program which enables for the geostatistical calculation of the CMRR over a spatial area was developed as an engineering tool to quantify the geo-mechanical stability of the roof rock within the bolted horizon of a coal mine through the utilization of one of the more widely available geologic model data formats.;The CMRR program utilizes the popular AutoCAD/SurvCADD platform and grid data format as a foundation for inputting the geologic characteristics necessary to calculate a CMRR. Through this feature the user can generate areal CMRR stability information from drill holes, SurvCADD geology grids and/or underground observations. This areal CMRR input can then be individually plotted for interpretation or combined with other geologic, structural and stress-based factors in order to generate an overall stability factor for the mine.;Upon completion of the program, a case study was performed in order to identify any shortcomings or additional needs that had not been previously identified. The case study utilized both the areal CMRR calculation and the integration of the CMRR program with a previously developed stability mapping package to create a stability map for the mine. Agreement was found between the resultant stability map and the field observations.;In the conclusion of this thesis it appears that the CMRR program can and will serve as a useful tool for the mining engineer in the evaluation of coal measure roof rock over a large spatial area. Through its application, both the mine engineer and the mine personnel can benefit from the increased knowledge of the coal measure roof rock being studied and the increased safety which that brings.