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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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David Callejo

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Chad Higgins.


Global Education has been and continues to be an important aspect of American higher educational curriculum. Its importance is evidenced not only at the formal educational sector, but also within youth development programs like the West Virginia 4-H program.;The author contends that, the importance of global education is more relevant in the 21st century due to the increasing interdependence of the global world. The study looks at the perceived attitudes of 4-H Agents, Specialists, and Volunteers towards global education and how such an educational program affects the youth development of the 4-Her.;The present study, which is partly based on John Dewey's Philosophy of education and environment, uses a mixed method approach, where semi-structured interviews are constructed to elicit participants' opinions and perspectives with regards to the research questions.;Finally, the author suggests that the findings of the study point to the need to develop a global educational program that focuses on a reconceptualized curriculum that centers on connection, collaboration, and corporation on the part of the 4-Her with the global environment.