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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Elizabeth Jones.


In recent years, there has been a focus on the importance of general education in colleges and universities as a means of delivering a quality liberal education. Completion of a general education curriculum in the community college is required for successful completion in all associate degree programs. As more students are choosing community colleges to begin their studies, their general education experiences may affect their successful transfer to the baccalaureate, performance in the future workforce and participation as educated citizens.;Unfortunately, students have described general education as "a barrier" to their major or courses to "get of the way." At the same time, research has also shown that students value college outcomes (connected to study in general education) as being important. However, most research has been inclusive of students only at baccalaureate colleges and universities.;In this study, the College Student Expectations Questionnaire (CSXQ) was administered to first time students enrolled in Student Development courses at five campuses of a large suburban community college. Students expected the community college to moderately emphasize college activities that develop general education goals. They expected to participate often in college activities pertaining to Information Literacy, Communication, and Critical Thinking. They expected to occasionally participate in activities related to Cultural and Social Understanding, Quantitative Reasoning, and Scientific Reasoning. Significant differences in expected quality of effort were found based on College Opinion, Academic Major, Parents' Education, and Employment.