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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

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Robert C. Burns.


Research has demonstrated that building of student recreation/activity centers has been beneficial for university students who participate in informal recreation and programs during their out-of-class time. The utilization of an assessment tool created specifically to evaluate variables associated with usage and intention demonstrated that at vastly different university settings and type of recreation facilities, similar patterns suggested why university students are and are not utilizing the facilities that have been specifically built for their needs.;The first paper assessed usage and purpose of visit, and the importance of recreation and socialization in the setting of student recreation centers in university environments. The second paper examined a model of customer satisfaction of facilities, services and information and utilizing multiple regression statistics endeavored to predict overall satisfaction at two separate student recreation centers. Lastly, the third paper examined demographic characteristics of college students and investigated the relationships between these characteristics and physical activity patterns including reasons to exercise, attitudes toward physical activity and which variables would lead to the propensity to exercise vigorously.;Expanding on previous research, these findings will contribute to continuing research in the field of recreation and the importance of physical activity, recreation and socialization on university campuses. The three separate research articles shared a common theme of student interests and satisfaction with facilities on their campus. These findings indicate the need for management to continue to examine and assess the importance of physical activity, recreation and socialization in the setting of college environments.