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Virginia Thompson.


The purpose of this project is to provide an annotated guide of etude books for the horn that were newly written or published between 1985 and 2011. This document lists sixty-eight different etude books written for the horn, and provides annotations for fifty-six of these publications. The annotations include the following information: publisher, publication date, range, transposition, number of etudes, and difficulty rating. In addition, the annotations describe performance problems that may be encountered, such as extended techniques and issues concerning technical facility or flexibility. Since the goal of this document is to promote the use and acceptance of new horn literature, recommendations for further study are included in the summary.;The majority of current university professors tend to use etude books that are known as standards of the repertoire and have stood the test of time. This list normally includes the volumes of books written by Maxime-Alphonse, who died in 1930, and Georg Kopprasch, who died in 1832. Even popular etude books that are considered newer and are widely used, such as John Shoemaker's Legato Etudes for French Horn, for which the copyright was renewed in 1971, are actually older and were written well before 1985. There are dissertations that catalogue and offer annotations for all of the horn etude books written and published before 1985, but none that deal with more recent literature. This document continues the work begun by previous dissertations, and provides students and teachers with a resource that will introduce them to new and important etude literature.