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Alvita Nathaniel.


Background: The prevalence rate of type 2 diabetes among adults in West Virginia (WV) is 10.85, which ranks fourth in the United States in 2007. Furthermore, WV ranks as second highest state for diabetes related deaths in the nation. Prediabetes increases the risks for development of type 2 diabetes. Studies have supported lifestyle modification education for prediabetic adults in an effort to reduce progression to type 2 diabetes.;Objective: To evaluate the use of an EMR reminder to improve the screening, identifying, and documentation of treatment plans for patient at risk for prediabetes.;Methods: A provider focused education session was offered to heightened awareness about prediabetes and provide instruction on the implementation of a new EMR reminder for prediabetes. An EMR was activated for an eight week intervention period. Data was collected from 100 randomly selected pre- and post- intervention chart audits.;Population: The population for this capstone project focused on adults 25 to70 years old within the Wirt County Health Service Association who meet the criteria for prediabetes by American Diabetes Association (2012) medical standards.;Expected Outcomes: The evaluation of the EMR reminder will improve screening, identifying, and documenting treatment plans based on critical appraisal of current literature.