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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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PV Vijay

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Radhey Sharma

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Radhey Sharma

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Gary Winn


As a critical part of the transportation network, pavements offer a safe means for vehicular traffic. Pavements are subjected to many forms of stress during their service life, and they are susceptible to environment related cracking and failures. Failures can be attributed to poor subgrade, freeze-thaw variations, and fatigue under repetitive axle loadings. Reinforcement products such as tire-derived geo-cylinders (TDGC) which make-up mechanical concrete and geo-polymers have been utilized in civil engineering practice, and this research aims to understand the potential life of tested pavement system components set at displacement limitations when reinforced with TDGCs and geo-polymers from exposure to various loading conditions.

In this study, research was performed on underlying materials of a pavement system, and this aided in examining suggested field implementation designs on the usage of tire-derived geo-cylinders (mechanical concrete) and geo-polymer cells filled with AASHTO #57 aggregate to improve base/sub base strength. Alternative materials were examined when testing for confinement effects. The pavement reinforcement technologies strengthen the base/sub base and create a more stable platform for pavement systems through confinement effects. The mechanical concrete and geo-polymers aid in distributing stresses from axle loads, and their use can lead to potential cost effectiveness, savings in material and labor, and sustainability.

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