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Geology and Geography

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Dorothy J Vesper

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Joseph Donovan

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Joseph Donovan

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Nicolas Zegre


Water in Monroe County, WV is used extensively for public and private supply and requires quantification, chemical analysis, and assessment for contamination susceptibility. Over 250 springs were previously identified in the eastern side of Monroe County on or near Peters Mountain; 14 were continuously monitored in this study. Springs were grouped based on geologic and spatial distribution: interbedded clastic-rock springs on the mountain flanks, carbonate springs in the valley, and a thermal spring associated with the St. Clair thrust fault. Clastic and carbonate springs have calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate chemistries, neutral pHs and high alkalinities; the thermal spring has calcium-magnesium-sulfate-carbonate chemistry, low pH, high specific conductance and high alkalinity; stream discharge locations have a combination of clastic and carbonate signatures. Clastic springs have high Ca2+/Mg2+ ratios and carbonate springs exhibit two molar ratio signatures: dolomite ratios ~1 and limestone ratios >1. Composite discharge from the study area ranges from 1-15 m3/s; one creek accounts for ~40% of the total flow. No significant correlations were observed between discharge and the following parameters: major ions, E. coli and total coliform bacteria, non-purgeable organic carbon. Temperature responses were analyzed using cosine curve fit analysis. Quantitative measures included amplitude dampening factors and lag times. Low amplitude dampening factor and short lag time springs have greater surface connection and vulnerability. An overall spring analysis was completed using a composite ranking assessment based on surface connection and temperature signal propagation parameters. This characterization identified CRABT, HATCH, and OLSON as the most vulnerable springs in this study.