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The Google Expedition titled WWI Era Through the Eyes of the Chicago Defender explores African American experiences during the early years of the Great Migration (1910-1970). Conventional journalism relies on the false idea that journalists are meant to be, and can be, objective, outside observers. This report provides tools for journalists to create more nuanced, thorough storytelling endeavors. This report describes the theoretical framework and intent of the Virtual Reality (VR) project for students in grades 8 and above. It utilizes Feminist Standpoint Theory (FST) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to cultivate a VR experience that acknowledges particular, overlooked aspects of American history. The Expedition utilizes photographs and articles from the Chicago Defender, archival stills and motion pictures, and 360-degree images of present-day locations throughout the United States, including Chicago and Waco, TX. Using Google Expedition, students wear a VR headset while a teacher guides the student through the Expedition, which was created through the lens of CRT and FST to help students question current narratives and stereotypes that still pervade society and mass media.