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Cynthia Anderson

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John Beall

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John Crotty

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C.B. Wilson.


The Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra was composed over the period of approximately one week in September 2013. It was previewed two weeks later with soloist Taylor Giorgio and Conductor Eleanor Aban in a masterclass with guest-composer and WVU alumnus Jay Chattaway (of Star Trek fame). The piece is continuous but formally divided into three parts. The first section is in a slow to moderate tempo and fluctuates between B minor and B major (with significant chromaticism) and harmonies that never fully resolve until the end of the piece. The second section begins in a brisk compound meter, reminiscent of a dance, and is suggestive of D major. The development of this section culminates in a driving rhythm as well as the dissolution of any tonality that had been present before. A cadenza for the solo violin contemplatively reflects on the ideas from earlier in the piece and the orchestra joins on a long, sustained unison F#. As the tempo from the beginning returns, the third and final section of the piece begins. The concept of B minor versus B major from the beginning returns and ultimately resolves to B major.