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Core Curriculum draws inspiration from the idea of a sound collage that incorporates many specific pieces and techniques that I have encountered or studied during my time in music academia. Nearly everything is derived from something else, often being transformed or altered in some way. From my own private teaching of guitar lessons to analyses of 20th century art music, I tried to represent as much music as possible from these formative years. There are two main features that continue throughout the piece. The first is the repetitive rhythmic figure based on eighth notes that are out of phase, which is drawn from many of the works of Steve Reich. The second is an arpeggiating phrase that continues throughout, the origin of which being The Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t It Be Nice. These two ideas are followed through the piece while becoming part of or antagonistic to the other material, almost all of which has some basis in a piece or style that I have encountered in my undergraduate and graduate education in music.

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