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Problem/Project Report

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Robert. C. Creese

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Rashpal Ahluwalia

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Rashpal Ahluwalia

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Feng Yang


The cost model developed is for small, glass-manufacturing enterprises to help them determine their product costs. It estimates the direct cost in glass manufacturing such as material, labor and energy costs. The overhead costs were based on AACE recommended practices to determine product cost and selling price. The model was tested to estimate the costs in glass marble manufacturing. It determines the unit material cost of the product based on material mix ratio and material costs. The energy costs for the product were based on the batch processing time and gas consumption rate. The model was analyzed to predict variations in prices of natural gas and raw materials. For an increase of natural gas cost from $5/MCF to $10/MCF, the change in unit price of natural gas increased from $0.07/lb to $0.15/lb. For every $1/MCF increase in cost of natural gas, the product cost increased by $0.02/pound. For an increase of $0.10/lb in unit cullet cost, the unit material cost of the product increased by $0.08/lb.