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Hodie (This day) is Vaughan Williams's last large choral work. It is important because Vaughan Williams used not only complicated and innovative compositional techniques but also the largest instrumentation among his choral-orchestral compositions. It gives a challenging opportunity for composers who wish to learn innovative compositional techniques for vocal or choral-orchestral music. This research project will present Vaughan Williams's compositional techniques in a major choral-orchestral composition consisting of multiple movements. First, unification as a compositional method to link multiple movements by using recurring musical themes will be examined. Secondly, the treatment of biblical and non-biblical texts will be studied. Therefore, Hodie will be seen to represent a synthesis of compositional techniques based on the unique individuality of the musical style of Vaughan Williams. This project is divided into four chapters, 'Hodie: An Overview of the Work,' 'The Relationships of Biblical Narratives and Poetic Insertions,' 'Recurring Themes in Narrations and Other Movements,' and 'Hodie, Dona Nobis Pacem, and Sancta Civitas: A Comparison of Stylistic Change.' Various tables and musical examples in chapters are used to compare poetry and themes as well as musical ideas.