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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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B Gopalakrishnan


Manufacturing industries are one of the most important elements in the economic growth and stability of any country. It is very important that the process parameters are given proper attention to maximize the value addition and increased profits for these industries. Parameter optimization for different manufacturing processes has been a challenging and interesting problem in the past. Many researchers have studied the problem of optimizing the process parameters for the turning process. In all the cases studied so far, no one has considered the significance of energy required and its cost for the machining process as an integral part of the optimization process. With the recent problems in the supply of energy and the increasing energy demand and cost, consideration of issues and problems related to energy usage has become a priority for the manufacturing industry.;The proposed research aims to bridge the gap between the concept of machining economics and the energy conservation. A single pass turning operation was considered, to demonstrate the optimization of process parameters so that the overall cost of manufacturing is minimized. A geometric programming mathematical model was developed to address the concept of energy sensitive parameter optimization process. The proposed model adds a new dimension to the existing literature on machining economics problems since the energy cost has never been considered in the optimization process. A solution methodology had been developed to find the optimal or near optimal process parameters. Last but not the least; this research is focused on today's need of the world, the energy efficiency awareness.