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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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B Gopalakrishnan


The concept of "Do it right the first time" in the machining industry not only expects the best quality products but also at the best possible cost. The cost of machining depends on intelligent process planning and selection of machining parameters such as speed, feed, and depth of cut. The problem of machining parameter selection has received great attention by researchers and many techniques have been developed. A review of these techniques reveals that the selection of the machine and cutting tool is done before the process of cutting parameter selection and process sequencing, and often the selection is based on experience. The current research is an attempt to develop an integrated model (ExIMPro: EXpert system based Integrated model for Machining PROcesses) which finds the sequence of operations with set of machines, tools, and other process parameters to minimize the cost of machining for a cylindrical part. This system consists of existing expert system Machining Parameter SELection (MPSEL) for machine and tool selection and a Microsoft ExcelRTM and Visual BasicRTM based parameter selection model. The present model focuses on turning and cylindrical grinding operations but other processes can be incorporated with little modification to the software.