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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Muhammad Choudhry


This thesis proposes a web-based system for managing digital relay settings. These relays are deployed in the power system to protect sensitive and expensive equipment from physical damage during system faults and overload conditions. Providing this capability exposes these devices to the same cyber security threats that corporations have faced for many years.;This thesis investigates the risks and requirements for deploying the proposed system. A breakdown in the protection that these relays provide would cause power outages. The cost of outages can be significant. Therefore cyber security is critical in the system design. Cyber security requirements for the power industry identify access control as an important aspect for the protection of its infrastructure. If properly implemented, biometrics can be used to strengthen access control to computer systems.;The web-based relay management system uses fingerprint authentication along with a username and password to provide access control. Website users are given access to functionality based on user roles. Only high level users may attempt relay setting modification. The relay management system interacts with a database that stores the current relay settings, relay setting restrictions, and a queue of relay updates. A process is implemented to verify attempted setting changes against these setting restrictions. This provides an extra security layer if users attempt harmful changes to protection schemes. Valid setting changes are added to the queue and a separate relay update program communicates these changes to the relay. The database and relay update program protect the relays from direct modification. These features combined with biometric authentication provide a strong layered scheme for protecting relays, while supplying an easy to use interface for remotely using their capabilities.