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College of Education and Human Services


Special Education

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Barbara Ludlow


The Mathematics Professional Development Inventory (MPDI) was designed to assess the teachers' rating of areas they need math content knowledge, professional development need of mathematics content knowledge, an academic area in which they need more knowledge, an academic area in which they feel they do not need more knowledge, their ability to teach mathematics, professional development need for teaching mathematics, their need for more strategies for teaching mathematics, and an area in which they do not need more strategies for teaching mathematics. This quantitative study used a non-parametric test to examined the relationship between variables of teacher demographics (mathematics teachers who teach at least 1 mathematics class), comparisons between teachers who teach in elementary schools and teachers who teach in secondary schools, comparisons between general education and special education teachers, and comparisons between elementary special education and secondary special education teachers on their math professional development needs. The study was conducted in two school systems in Maryland. Chi-Square analysis demonstrated statistically significant differences in the needs identified by special education teachers, math teachers who teach math all day compared to those who teach a variety of subjects, teacher's years of experience, and the number of mathematics classes that were taken.