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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Joy Saab


Dance, movement, and kinesthetic learning are among the most powerful ways in coming to know, yet they are amid the most ignored processes at the high school level. Dance has the power to change lives as it offers aesthetic ways of viewing and connecting with the world through its creative, reflective, and imaginative embodied experiences. I have observed these valuable outcomes and address the nature and power of them with the following questions: (1) How has dance and movement influenced my journey? (2) How has this influence affected the high school experience of my students? The heuristic method of qualitative research is utilized to analyze data such as my personal narrative and reflections, observations, and analysis of existing lessons plans, scope and sequence descriptions, assignments, assessments, and existing student work. The data supports a clear evolution of my definition of dance, the design and implementation of its curriculum, and the valuable experiences of my students. Through this research it is evident that dance engenders meaning in dynamic ways at the high school level and that experiences like those offered through dance education play an integral part in meeting the needs of the 21 st century and the Conceptual Age.